7 (free!) Tools that are ESSENTIAL for Your Creative Business

Starting a creative business can be an exciting goal. All you hear is “freedom”. Now running one...well, that’s where fear kicks in. How can I get client projects done on time? How can I juggle my side-hustle with work, school, and family life? Do I need to hire help? A virtual assistant?

Whoa, whoa, slow down. We’re “just starting” for a reason. You may have everything prepared or nothing prepared at all when you decide to take the leap for your creative business. It’s okay. You’re not alone. And I have just the list to help you get started.

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Let’s get real, friend. In the beginning, you might not have all this money saved up to spend each month on software and productivity tools. With those “per month” plans, $10 here, $7 there and so on can really start to add up.

Productivity doesn’t have to be expensive. Just make what you can afford to work with count.

Productivity doesn’t have to be expensive. Just make what you can afford to work with count.


Check out my little list of free tools to help running your creative business (or any business, at that!) just a little bit easier.


Evernote is an online note-taking platform that allows you to track tasks and save things that you find online. You can group your notes into notebook “stacks” and even share and collaborate notes and ideas in real time with your colleagues or team.

You can even sync your notes seamlessly from the online web app to the mobile app, so that your notes and projects are with you wherever you go. There are different plans, but the Basic (free) plan gives more than enough features to get you started.

Evernote is perfect for planning blog posts, making to-do checklists, typing up notes from a client Skype session, and even voice recording notes during a meeting and adding written notes later. Want to try out all the bells and whistle's with a free month of Evernote Premium?? Yeah you do. Click here :)

Google Account

Friend, let me tell you. You get so spoiled when you sign up for an account with Google! Your Google account can be used whether you use Android or Apple products. You would start out by signing up for a free Gmail account.

Once you have that email address, you have access to a plethora of online apps and tools! Drive, Calendar, and Docs just to name a few.

And don't forget to download Google Chrome! This awesome browser syncs seamlessly between your desktop and mobile to give you access to all your bookmarks and web history. Super handy when you get home and wanna pull up that blogpost that you were reading on your phone earlier.

Chrome also comes let’s you install themes and extensions in your browser. Check out the free extensions like Eye Dropper tool that let’s you choose colors from the websites on your screen or even this Screenshot extension that lets you take a screenshot of an entire webpage, even below the fold.


MailChimp is a very popular player in the email marketing game. It let’s you start building up your email list by collecting email addresses, sending freebies, and sending out email campaigns to subscribers. 

The Forever Free plan is an inexpensive way to build your email list up to 2,000 subscribers and better connect with your audience. Take advantage of their pre-made design templates or design your own layout. Oh, and the little chimp is pretty cute too :)

Looking for a easier system with a better automation system? Than I would personally recommend ConvertKit. With more control over your list, help with understanding your subscribers interests (tags feature), and seamless automation of emails, ConvertKit is the tool I use, and a great option for the busy entrepreneur.


7 Free Tools for Your Business


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I love TweetDeck! It’s a Twitter platform that allows you to view multiple timelines in one easy interface. You can manage multiple Twitter accounts, schedule tweets to post in the future and even more.

I suggest using TweetDeck to follow trending #hashtags in your industry or niche and also use it to join the conversation in twitter chats (like #createlounge by Kayla Hollatz). Add as many columns as you like and even rearrange them. TweetDeck updates in real-time so you stay updated all day, no need to hit the "refresh" button!

Font Squirrel

This handy site says that it’s fonts are “100% Free for Commercial Use”. Um, can I get a YES PLEASE? There are hundreds of fonts to choose from and download in various styles.

My favorite part of this site is the detailed preview they give you of the font. Click here to see more for yourself. It helps to see the font in action, right? Another plus is that most of these fonts can be used for web, mobile, and print.

Looking for some free tools to help run your business? Check out this free list!



This is a perfect online tool for the design novice to create beautiful designs, documents, social media graphics and more using their drag-and-drop feature and professional layouts. You can choose from hundreds of their templates to design and create any graphics that you need.

This is really becoming a popular option for those of you who may not have formal training in graphic design software like the Adobe Creative Suite. Canva’s website says “the best way to understand Canva is to try it! It only takes 23 seconds to learn.” Sounds like a win-win to me.

Wanna learn how to make a PDF download in Canva in just 7 minutes? Check out this awesome tutorial from Megan Minns (she's too awesome).

Video: How to Create a PDF Using Canva


This lovely tool is an online visual planner to help you plan and schedule your Instagram posts for multiple accounts. It’s also coupled with a free mobile app to let you schedule your posts from a device.

According to Instagram rules, you can’t post to their platform using a third party app. So to keep your account safe, Later will send a notification to your phone for your post at the time you designated, automatically copy the caption to your clipboard, and open up your Instagram account so you can easily post from your mobile device in seconds.

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7 Free Tools for Your Business


Grab this free checklist to help boost your business without breaking the bank.

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What free tools do you use on a daily to run your business? Share below in the comments!



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