9 Premium tools that are Essential for your Business

So the time has come. You’re a few months into your business and it’s starting to pick up. Clients are booking, customers are purchasing, and you’re starting to sweat. It’s an amazing feeling! Until...you begin to feel anxious. You’re overwhelmed and you feel like you could use some help.

So you take a look at your processes, systems and most importantly, your finances. Good news! You’ve earned enough to increase your budget and start paying for some tools that are gonna get you farther. But where do you even start? I’m glad you asked, because friend, I have just the list for you.


Please note: this post may contain affiliate links, which means that if you purchase through one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. This helps support the blog and allows me to continue to make free content. I only recommend products that I use and love.

You may have read my other blogpost that mentioned 7 free tools that are essential to your creative business. Free tools are always a treat. I know that you know how far you can get before having to spend your pretty pennies. But investing in your business is also what is going to make it grow. Here are some things that you will instantly benefit from investing in:

G Suite

Ever heard of Google Apps or Google Apps for Work? Of course you have, you savvy business owner. Well now there’s G Suite and life just got better. For an affordable $5/month, you get to use all of your favorite apps from Google like Drive, Gmail, Docs and even Google Domains. 

It’s perfect for collaborating with your team and working on documents at the same time, in real time. You also get 30GB of storage vs. the 15GB on the free account. You also get a business email address (instead of yourbusiness@gmail.com you get yourname@yourbusinessname.com) that keeps you looking professional! You get so much for so little. Thank you, Google.


Plann is a mobile app to visually plan your Instagram feed in advance. One feature I particularly like is that you can drag-n-drop pictures in a visual mockup of your feed to curate exactly what visitors will see when they visit your Instagram account. You can save time by composing the captions of your images in advance and schedule each one to receive the notification to post it just in time.

Plann App | BelaMarca Studio
Plann App | BelaMarca Studio
Plann App | BelaMarca Studio

Images courtesy of Plann That iOS App

My favorite feature of Plann is that you can store and manage your favorite #hashtags in the app and save them in collections or groups. Name the sets whatever you’d like and just copy and paste the hashtags when you’re ready to insert them in the first comment of your instagram post.
Also check out Plann for Android.

Free Checklist: 9 Premium Tools for Your Business


Have a few more pennies to spend on your business? Grab this FREE checklist of premium tools to invest in your business and advance to the next level.

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Spotify Premium

No matter what business you're in or whatever your niche is, we all like music. And sometimes, when our job allows it, we listen to music while we work. Spotify is perfect for that. Have you tried their Premium account? For $9.99/ month, it’s so worth it. You get unlimited playback on any song or album that you want to listen too, you can save songs to listen to when you’re offline, and you get all of this with NO ADS. Try it for free for the first 30 days.

Come from a family of music lovers? No worries, just try Premium for Family. You can get up to 6 separate accounts with all the added features for just $15/month. THAT'S CRAZY SAUCE.

Spotify | BelaMarca Studio
Spotify Premium | BelaMarca Studio

Need an alternative? I've heard great things about Apple Music as well, including the "For You" page that gives you different options based on the types of music you like, and also the music that you've already purchased is included in your library along with all of the songs on Apple Music. Super convenient.

Creative Market

Who doesn’t love a marketplace? The vendors, the variety, the affordable prices. It’s an awesome experience. And that’s what Creative Market is like. It’s an experience. From the time you sign up you see what’s trending in the creative world. Anything from fonts and photos, to logo graphics and website templates, you can download all kinds of design assets for your beautiful projects.

Creative Market | BelaMarca Studio
Creative Market | BelaMarca Studio

Starting at just $2, Creative Market is a great source of premium fonts for anyone who wants to stand out from the crowd (especially if you're not so design savvy). PLUS, you get 6 freebies every week after you sign up!

Ready to spend money on premium tools for your business? This is the checklist for you!



You wanna know why you’re here reading this post? Because you don’t have a lot of time. You may have a little money to spend, but not a whole lotta time. And one thing you definitely don’t have time for is to try to create a complicated website for yourself on a limited coding background. That’s where Squarespace comes in. 

This online web hosting platform gives you a classic yet modern website to showcase your beautiful brand. With a large selection of beautiful templates, you can customize your site to look totally unique in a matter of minutes. Coupled with analytics, e-commerce, and blogging, the $12/month fee is a no brainer solution for an attractive online presence for cheap.

Still dont have time? Don't feel you have an eye for design? That's cool, I can help you, friend. I'd love to show you what we could do with Squarespace and how we can start attracting more ideal clients to your business. Check out my services page and let's set up a free video chat!


So your website’s up and you’ve got your prices and contact form shinning bright like a diamond. A client calls, and wants to book some services. Where do you begin? Send a quote, invoice, or contract? Do I send them to my questionnaire? How will I track how much time I will spend on this project? We’ll, friend, 17Hats does all of that and more.



17Hats is like hiring an employee to do all of your paperwork, so that you can focus on the tasks that are most important. Send quotes easily through this web platform and once your client accepts the quote, just click one button and turn it into an invoice and send it right back to the client. You can also have clients electronically sign their contracts so that its quick with instant delivery. I also love their lead capture forms because they can be embedded onto any page of your Squarespace site.

Free Checklist: 9 Premium Tools for Your Business


Have a few more pennies to spend on your business? Grab this FREE checklist of premium tools to invest in your business and advance to the next level.

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ConvertKit is a powerful email marketing platform for businesses with an online presence. With a simple interface, seamless automation, and it’s tagging features, ConvertKit makes it easy to grow your business consistently.

ConvertKit | BelaMarca Studio

Image courtesy of ConvertKit.com

ConvertKit is by no means cheap. At $30/month, some may find it a bit unnecessary especially with their being free email marketing options out there like Mailchimp. But let me tell you. So many bloggers beg that instead of going for the cheap route and migrating your entire list over to later, just bite the bullet and start on ConvertKit if you haven’t done so already.

When you set the funds aside to Invest in growing your email list as quickly and easily as you can, then your personal audience will grow as well, making ConvertKit pay for itself ;) 


Adobe Creative Cloud

I've been using Adobe software for number of years now and they are hands down the best in the industry. Names like Photoshop and InDesign are household names for a reason. 

Learning how to create your own graphics and edit your own photos in leading design software will greatly enhance your business especially online! For $10/month you can download the Adobe program of your choice for unlimited use. For $20/month you can get the famous Photoshop and Lightroom perfect for our photographer friends.

Adobe Creative Suite | BelaMarca Studio

But hey, if you can really stretch the budget, I suggest signing up for the ENTIRE Creative Cloud suite for just $50/month. That's unlimited access to 20+ creative desktop and mobile apps! A no-brainer! 


Thinking back to when I was a little girl, my family has owned an Apple desktop computer. I’m talking like, since 1998. We’ve always loved our Mac computers and I was thrilled when my dad sold me his 2009 iMac for really cheap and it works great.

Apple iMac | BelaMarca Studio

Image courtesy of Apple

Now we may be talking over $1000 here for a computer but it’s totally worth having. All software runs beautifully on Apple’s machines and they will last you forever! Apple also has some award winning customer service especially in-store, so you’ll have a great support system. Looking for a cheaper option? Try the Mac Mini starting at just $499.

I know exactly what it feels like to have barely have anything in your savings account but every month something is coming out. But you know what, friend? Every cent has been worth it.

You're already spending your time and energy in your beautiful business. Don't be afraid to invest your money on tools for your business too. It may be just what you need to get to the next level. 

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Free Checklist: 9 Premium Tools for Your Business


Have a few more pennies to spend on your business? Grab this FREE checklist of premium tools to invest in your business and advance to the next level.

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What tools have you invested in to grow your business? I really wanna know in the comments below!


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