CASE STUDY: New Logo Design for Clockwork Commercial Cleaning

I was thrilled when Allie and Ryan Luallen got in touch with me about putting our heads together for a new brand design. Their business, Clockwork Cleaning, is a cleaning business that provides excellent routine cleaning services to local businesses allowing them to focus on what matters most.

Although they already had a logo design, Allie was determined to have a new logo designed from scratch to set them off on the right foot.


We started by setting up a shared board on Pinterest and began to pin images that related to their business values: Reliable, Efficient, and Honest. All things I know I’d hope to find when hiring a cleaning business.

Clockwork Commercial Cleaning | Pinterest | BelaMarca Studio

When analyzing the Pinterest board, I could see that Allie was no doubt focussing on a fresh, clean, and airy look for their new brand.

The Logo

For the new logo, Allie mentioned: “We were thinking about the color of green, to indicate cleanliness. A clock worked into the logo would be nice. The design preferably being simple but not too modern, something that would show we are professional but not be showy…”

She sent me this picture of their original logo and said they were ready to start from scratch  :)


Referring back to the Pinterest board, we incorporated an illustrated green leaf inside of a letter in the logo to represent a clock without being too obvious.

Logo Options #1

Logo Options #1

Allie and Ryan were really happy with the logo options; especially the leaf "O" of #1, and the font style and size of #3. So we combined those into the final logo designs.

Main Logo

Main Logo

Alternate Logo

Alternate Logo




It warmed my heart when this beautiful couple completed the project by saying:

Gregoria’s professionalism, speed, and natural design talent made working with her easy. We felt like we didn’t need to labor over explaining exactly what we wanted, she just got it!
— Allison & Ryan Luallen, Clockwork Commercial Cleaning

Several weeks letter, I received this picture and message from Allie:

Splashing these babies around town today for marketing...thanks again for your help. I feel so confident with a great logo :)
— Allie
Clockwork Commercial Cleaning | Business Card | BelaMarca Studio

It was such a pleasure to support a hardworking couple and their life goals. I hope you enjoyed learning more about the "behind the scenes" of this project.

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