CASE STUDY: New Brand Design for LoveByrds Catering

When Tunisia Byrd first contacted me about this project, she had just started her catering business on the side. LoveByrds Catering offers entrees and confections for clients ranging from large party events to intimate dinners between family and friends.  As a busy, married mom of four, she was determined to make this business work and bring in additional income for the family. I was excited to help!

LoveByrds Catering | BelaMarca Studio

Although she already had business coming in, Tunisia felt knew that brand collateral would not only reflect her professionalism, but would help get her foot in the door at many events. Unfortunately, she had never had any branding done. That’s where I came in and the process of styling her brand began.


We started by pulling inspiration from different pictures on Pinterest that matched the tone behind her brand.

LoveByrds Catering | Moodboard | Inspiration Board | BelaMarca Studio

The sophisticated gold coupled with a chic black was the perfect portrayal of Tunisia’s warm yet classic style. She loved it!

The Logo

Naturally, I had to made sure to submit an option with a little bird worked into the design (because who doesn’t love a play on words?).

LoveByrds Catering | Logo Design | BelaMarca Studio

But of course, when your last name is Byrd, you've heard every joke in the book and are no longer in the mood for puns (lol!) Tunisia liked the simple style that also came in a 2nd color option.

LoveByrds Catering | Logo Design | BelaMarca Studio
LoveByrds Catering | Logo Design | BelaMarca Studio

The Color Palette

When the project first began, we were initially going to go with a Periwinkle color scheme for her branding. Tunisia ultimately decided that she wanted to brand herself as more than "the cute cupcake lady" and more towards fine dinning.

LoveByrds Catering | Color Palette | BelaMarca Studio

The sophisticated gold and chic black certainly showed off her classic style.

Brand Collateral

Pulling from the elements included in her inspiration board, we decided to include stripes in the business card design and show off the charcoal aspect of the brand.

LoveByrds Catering | Business Card Design | BelaMarca Studio

The project was completed on this note:

Gregoria took the time to see my vision and make it come to life. She takes the time to listen to her customers and make decisions in their best interest.
— Tunisia Byrd, LoveByrds Catering

It was such a pleasure to support a hardworking mom and entrepreneur. I hope you enjoyed learning more about the "behind the scenes" of this project.

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