CASE STUDY: New Brand & Website Design for Murphy Dental Group

Dr. Jean Murphy got in touch with me at a time she was interested in growing her practice. Murphy Dental Group is a general dental practice that performs all phases of dentistry while providing the best quality dental treatment in a professional and kind manner.


Jean was ready to grow her practice and become the go-to dentist in her area. Although already having a steady flow of patients, Jean knew that she wanted to brand her practice as a professional and trustworthy option for families.


Jean and I started by setting up a shared board on Pinterest. She best described her brand as “friendly, competent, and accessible” so I encouraged her to pin images that related to those values. After, I would add a few pins that I felt matched her theme.

Murphy Dental Group | Inspiration Board | Moodboard | BelaMarca Studio

The final product also brought thoughts of happiness and warmth’ everything you’d want in a dentist!  :)

The Logo

For the logo design, Jean wanted a design that was clean, professional, and one that used more than one font. I decided to incorporate a flower illustration to add warmth to the feel of the design.

Logo Options #1

Logo Options #1

Murphy Dental Group | Logo Design | BelaMarca Studio

Although Jean decided not to go with the floral illustration, she did want to add boxes to amp up the text of the final logo designs.

Main Logo

Main Logo

Alternate Logo

Alternate Logo




The Color Palette

Referring back to Jean’s inspiration board, I pulled colors from the images that would reflect the tone of her brand. The color palette is diverse while at the same time portraying professionalism, reliability and friendliness.

Murphy Dental Group | Color Palette | BelaMarca Studio

Brand Collateral

Jean originally wanted a letter head design that included the “blue boxes” of her Brand Elements (as depicted below in her Brand Style Guide) but end up deciding to keep it simple and have three columns worth of information at the bottom of the letterhead with the website and email info towards the bottom of the page.

Murphy Dental Group | Brand Collateral | BelaMarca Studio

Brand Style Guide:

Murphy Dental Group | Brand Style Guide | BelaMarca Studio

Website Design

The last step was Jean’s website design; potentially the most exciting part! We moved forward with a Squarespace site using the Pacific template. I suggest Squarespace for each of my clients because of it's simplicity, added features, and ease of maintenance in the future (which means less headache for them!).

Murphy Dental Group | Website Design | BelaMarca Studio

Per Jean’s request, we made sure to add a banner image to most pages, a sidebar with links to other pages, and explanations of specific procedures to a much desired FAQ page.

I was thrilled when Jean completed the project on this note:

Gregoria clearly explained exactly what I would be receiving. The experience was positive, painless and pleasant. I’m extremely pleased with the final outcome.
— Jean Murphy, Murphy Dental Group

It was such a pleasure to support a hardworking professional in her field. I hope you enjoyed learning more about the "behind the scenes" of this project.

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