The Purpose Behind My New Business - And How to Find Yours

We’ve all experienced that feeling that comes with trying something new. Nerves. Anxiety. Excitement. What if I fail? What if no one likes what I create? Or worse, what if they do like it, but I lose “the touch?”

It’s easy to say that these feelings are normal, but still not easy. This is how it felt in late 2016 when I decided to take the bull by the horns and start BelaMarca Studio, my Branding and Design business. Who would hire me? When would I find the time? I barely had any money. I barely had any ideas. And I barely had any experience. Are you resonating with me, friend?

One thing I knew for sure is this: I had a clear purpose behind my new business, and that was enough to get me started.

The Purpose Behind My Business and how to Find Yours | BelaMarca Studio


Since I was a child, I was raised to have a strong faith in God. To have a real relationship with Jehovah. I strived to make it a point to help others do the same. I know I’m not alone on this one. But then, as you grow up, life happens. Life like, you start to get busy. Really busy. And you start having “responsibilities” shoved in front of you. You want nice things, you want to be comfortable, you want whatever you want.


In other words: we get distracted.


And sometimes, just sometimes, our relationship with God get’s put on the back burner. Maybe that happened to me. Maybe that’s happened to you. Are you still resonating with me, friend? It’s never a good situation. I decided I wanted to do more and re-focus on Jehovah.


Pursuit of Spiritual Goals

In February 2015, I planned a trip with two other friends to the Central Valley of Costa Rica to share in the ministry work there. Teaching the Bible to humble ones truly is a passion of mine and being a part of the trip was a great privilege!

Costa Rica | Discover Your Business Purpose | BelaMarca Studio
Costa Rica | Discover Your Business Purpose | Jehovah's Witnesses Ministry | BelaMarca Studio

To learn more about my faith and beliefs, click here.


The country was unique, the people were warm, and the experience was such a delight. The couple that hosted us were also American and were there to participate in the same Bible Education work. They had a modest but comfortable home, drove a small SUV (sadly, many locals there can't afford a car) and were able to support their ministry on 1 part-time income by working remotely online.


YES. Only one part-time job. Completely online and by phone.

I was baffled. I knew I wanted to do more for my God, and be able to spend more time in the volunteer ministry, just like they were doing. But how could I do it?


Then I started to think. I went to school. I have a degree. I have experience in Graphic Design. As long as I have a laptop and Wi-fi, I can work from anywhere. Then I finally realized it:  my purpose behind my new business was to be able to financially support myself while pursuing my spiritual goals. And man was I excited!


As long as you have a laptop and Wi-fi, you can work from anywhere. You just need to find your purpose first.



To learn more about my faith and beliefs, click here.


That is my #1. But we’re being completely honest here, right friend? Then you can probably guess there’s more to the purpose behind my new business.


Supporting Other Small Businesses

Few things are more exciting than helping others to feel good about their business. To feel confident in their abilities. To adore their brand.


My business allows me to help with all three.


Thankfully, I was blessed to be surrounded by a group of friends with small businesses ranging from cleaning to consulting to catering and even handmade accessories. Helping each and everyone of them over the years design their new businesses and set up their brands fueled my passion for helping other small businesses reach their full potential. Broadening my design horizons showed me that styling brands was a new passion of mine!

It’s a unique privilege to get to know  other small business owners and entrepreneurs and get to know their purpose and their values. Each one is different and always encouraging. A brand is a story, and everyone's story is intriguing. Helping others to reach their business goals and to strengthen their purpose by designing their brands really helps remind me of the purpose behind my business.

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Traveling Abroad

Speaking of travel, my close friends know that I love (you know love?) and I mean LOVE to travel. I’ve always been a girl for trying new foods, exploring new cultures, and visiting different places. I have my Dad to thank for that (thanks Daddy!)


I’ve been fortunate to have the privilege of exploring 9 different countries so far and this is only the beginning!


However, it’s kind of hard to travel at the drop of a hat when you have a job and they’re already allowing you to “only work part-time so don’t push it” kind of a situation. My traveling isn’t just for leisure but also encompasses traveling to lands where there is a need for Bible teachers (like the trip to Costa Rica I mentioned).


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Having the purpose behind my new business reminds me to save money, plan in advance, and pray for an affordable plane ticket to be able to take my business anywhere and reach people of all sorts.


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Discover Your Business Purpose

A lot of us start new projects and we don’t know why. Maybe it’s because it’s what’s popular. Maybe we’re looking for a hobby. Or (let’s be real, friend) maybe we could really use the extra cash (#tbh).

I have a challenge for you. Before you start your business, find the purpose behind it. If you’ve already started a business, STOP! Define your “why” before you go any further.

What you’ll gain after completing this 5-day email challenge:


Day One: Understand your true Values in life

Day Two: Realize the real Reasons behind starting your business

Day Three: Learn the Risks of starting your business

Day Four: Appreciate the Benefits of starting your business

Day 5: Sharing your purpose with others and prepping to attract ideal clients


Knowing the purpose behind your business will help fuel your goals, boost productivity, and lead to a more meaningful and successful business journey.

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Before you start your business, find the purpose behind it. Join the FREE Email Challenge now, includes a workbook!

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In the comments below, I’d love to hear more about the purpose behind your new business and why you started one!



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