The Design Process


You'd be surprised how much goes into building and designing a successful brand. Truth be told, it takes two to Tango! Check out all that will make our partnership work and what the stages will look like once your project starts.



During your project we will primarily use Email to communicate. This helps me keep everything organized and allows me to always have a written record of our conversations for reference. Don’t worry, I'll be responding to your emails within 24 hours of you sending them. Throughout this process you’ll be kept up to date with your project through my Client Management System: Honeybook. You’ll be invited to join your project hosted there which will allow you to see all our messages, your contracts, your invoices, your payments, any files I send, and also the current stage of the project. You’ll always be in the loop!

What I’ll Need From You:

To complete your project successfully and in a timely manner, I’ll need all your content before we begin. All content will be uploaded to a Google Drive folder. Needed Content includes:

  • All Image/ Text Content
    I’ll need all text copy ready to go that will be used in your design and/or website in a word document (.doc etc) or editable PDF (preferably) and any and all high-resolution images/pictures you wish to use.

  • Pinterest Inspiration Board
    I need to see what inspires you! If we agree to work together, you’ll make a Pinterest board of images that match the aesthetic and feel you want for your website. You'll need to add me as a "Contributor" to your board.
    *Follow me on Pinterest here: belamarcastudio

  • Purchase your domain name
    Make sure it is the domain you definitely want for your brand. (domain example: www.mybusinessname.com) Google Domains is a great domain service that is affordable.

  • Complete my Design Questionnaire
    I need to pick your brain! I’ll send you a questionnaire to get an in-depth look at your business so I can strategically plan your branding and/or website.

The Stages of the Design Process

Homework Stage | BelaMarca Studio

| 1 |  The Homework Stage
Once you fill out the Inquiry Form on my contact page and look over my design process here, we will schedule a Brainstorming Session (video or phone call) and discuss our ideas for the project. After, you’ll receive a proposal via email. Once the project is scheduled, contract signed, and there’s receipt of the down payment, you will be given some Client Homework to complete (includes gathering ALL of your content for you brand materials and website) and we will have a Strategy Session (video or phone call) to make sure we are on the same page with your content. Now the fun begins!

Branding Stage | BelaMarca Studio

| 2.2 | The Designing Stage: Website Design
If your chosen package includes website design, then we will start with a wireframe or outline of your website and design from there. All website content (business info and images) will need to be provided in your Client Homework before the Designing Stages begin. You will be be introduced to the Squarespace platform in this stage.

Branding Stage | BelaMarca Studio

| 2.1 | The Designing Stage: Branding/ Print Design
We will start to put together your visual brand which will be made up of your Pinterest-inspired moodboard, custom color palette, and set of logos all coming together into your cohesive Brand Style Guide. Then we will design the matching print collateral that you chose as most useful to your business.

Farewell Stage | BelaMarca Studio

| 3 | The Farewell Stage!
Finishing touches! The site will be complete and once the final payment is received then site ownership will be transferred to you. Your final design files and instructions for use will be provided to you. In our Client Closing Session (video screenshare call) I will show you how to navigate the backend of your new site, how to make simple updates, and answer any remaining questions you have regarding the design of your new brand. You’re all done!




Do you work with any website platforms other than Squarespace?
I mainly suggest Squarespace for each of my clients because of it's simplicity, added features, and ease of maintenance in the future (which means less headache for you!). I’ll occasionally design using the Wix platform at my client’s request.

Are you booking new design clients?
Yes! Please look at my design services page and reach out to me through the contact form above on this page! Looking forward to hearing from you!

Are there costs that come with a Squarespace site?
Squarespace has yearly and monthly subscription fees to maintain, update, and host your website. You want to make sure you pay these fees in a timely manner, so when the time comes, I’ll have not problem setting up your site.

Do you design e-commerce websites?
Not at the moment. I’m currently catering my services to other service-based businesses vs. product-based businesses. If your services include selling only a small number of products, then you are still welcome to fill out my contact form.

What forms of payment do you accept?
Depending on the size of the project, I accept Payment Plans in three (3) installments by online credit card payments or bank transfers via: Zelle/Chase QuickPay, Google Pay or Apple Pay. No checks are accepted.

Do I have to sign a contract or pay a deposit?
Yes, a signed contract is required by all of my clients. It will include the payment schedule that we agree upon. The first payment is due before the project begins.

How will you manage my project?
I use the Client Management System called Honeybook. You’ll be invited to join your project hosted there which will allow you to see all our messages, your contracts, your invoices, your payments, any files I send, and also the current stage of the project.

How long will this project take?
This design project could take up to 4 weeks to be completed with the notion that all client homework has been provided before the start of the project and that the client responds promptly to any messages and designs that need to be approved. It really depends on the scope of the project.

What’s your cancellation policy?
If we decide to part ways, either party must submit this in writing to the other party and payment for all work completed up to that point will be due. You will own any current completed completed files, and may use them in any way you choose.

I’ve been making money in my business with out a website. Do I even need one?
Yes, yes, yes! If your business is mostly run on referrals and your client’s are word-of-mouth, this is the perfect time for a strategic website. There are people out there that want to learn more about you and your services. You have warm leads out there right now trying to Google you and find your website as we speak!


1) I'm so ready to work with you Gregoria! What’s the next step? Or,

2) I'm very excited but I have some questions first.


Either way, Perfect! Fill out my contact form so we can set up a free Brainstorming Session and make all your worries go away *insert high-five here*